We have some of the best people in the industry delivering the best work for us at all times. This means we don’t just have the highest expectations of ourselves, but we have the unwavering confidence in our ability to exceed those expectations. How?

Expertise: In every element of every phase.

Integrity: Clear, honest, professional conduct at all times.

Strength: Pulling together in the same direction, our power is multiplied.

Experience: 500+ completed fit-outs to date… and counting.

We face every challenge. We take pride in doing it right.

Our Approach

1. Discover

Communication is key; so our first step is to get to know you and your unique needs. We listen and ask the right questions to inform a comprehensive understanding.

2. Plan

Our planning phase begins when we assign a tailored in-house team to suit the specifics of your project. No two fitouts are identical, so each team is cherry-picked based on their own unique skills and expertise.

3. Cost

We have established relationships with excellent teams of subcontracted partners so we can align your project with the best in the necessary trades. Our in-house Surveying Team work on your behalf to produce a clear budget recommendation, which will be explained to you in full. There is transparency and honesty at all times and you retain complete control of expenditure.

4. Create

Before work begins on site, we coordinate all trade partners during a ramp-up period to ensure that there is complete clarity of purpose and planning. All unique requirements and specifics are refreshed. You will have an on-site Operations Team throughout your project who will provide you with a weekly report outlining progress, hours worked, photographed works etc.

5. Deliver

There won’t be snag lists or late arrivals. There won’t be additional budget requirements or unexpected bills. There won’t be dust. There won’t be a mess. There will be a fitout that exceeds your original expectations. There will be pre-handover training for you and your staff. There will be post-integration support. There will be the highest quality in all aspects of the work we have done for you. We want your project to be our best project to date.

Our Team

At Sonica, we come to work every day with the same, clear purpose; to constantly strive to exceed our own expectation of what we do. We face every challenge. We take pride in doing it right. We have some of the best in the business working as one team, in an inspiring environment so we can provide a service that consistently exceeds our Clients’ expectations.

My Job As Managing Director, I'm actively involved in everything that we do here at Sonica, leading the Team by example through dedication and commitment to exceeding our Client's expectations. I'm a visible resource to our Clients, equally at home walking the job sites as I am sitting in the Boardroom.

Why Sonica? Our unwavering desire to continually improve our business, to strive to make your project our best project yet, means that in Sonica you have a firm of fitout experts dedicated to going far beyond what typically passes for Client service. It's that desire that makes Sonica a great place to work, and Sonica a great Team to work with.

What I Love Doing Motivating my team, encouraging their development, celebrating their achievements and pushing them to be the very best they can be. The real excitement for me comes when I see how their hard work and dedication directly impacts the overall success of a project.

My Job As Finance Director I hold the purse strings of the organisation. I am involved in strategy and business development which means every critical decision the company makes will have my fingerprints on it. The entrepreneurial spirit upon which Sonica was founded is key to everything I do. I challenge the Sonica team to introduce fresh ideas and develop new skills.

Why Sonica? Sonica is an incredibly enjoyable and fun place to work because of the people. It's fast paced and dynamic and always keeps me motivated to achieve goals for myself, my colleagues and the company.

What I Love Doing I love being involved in driving the business forward and improving every aspect of how Sonica functions. In particular I relish the daily challenge of providing key information that we need to make the best decisions for the business.

My Job It is my responsibility to provide commercial assurance of project performance through accurate forecasting and identification of issues giving rise to commercial risk, management of commercial performance and Client cash flow.

Why Sonica? One of the fundamental requirements that allows a project manager to operate as demanded of them, is a high level of organization. The infrastructure in place within Sonica to facilitate operations, surveying, Health and Safety and many more, are like none I’ve come across in my career. The fact that they are all great people is just a bonus!

What I Love Doing Understanding and developing relationships with the people I work with daily. Be it trades, design team or Clients, I relish learning how to walk that fine line of getting what it is I need from the interaction, while still making their individual experience of the entire process the best it can be.

My Job As Projects Director, I am responsible for managing all aspects of the project delivery process to ensure the seamless transition from inception to occupation and beyond. Partnering with our Clients to develop and implement strategic objectives to ensure uncompromising excellence always.

Why Sonica? Sonica have a best in class approach to all aspects of the business and we provide a level of service that is second to none always finding the best fit solutions to our Client needs. Our track record of completed projects is a testament to our continued success. We understand that you are only as good as your last project!

What I Love Doing I love seeing a project develop from a concept or idea into something great, finding ways to improve the delivery process and developing partnerships with Clients, Designers and our supply chain.

My Job As Construction Director, my mission is to ensure that our construction team provides a stress free, professional experience for all stakeholders. Challenging projects excite me, whether new-build or re purposing old buildings, I thrive on finding solutions, teamwork and high quality project delivery. Starting my life in construction as a labourer, I have worked from the ground up. This allows me to understand what is required to get a project completed. I lead by example and show respect for all involved in the project. My mantra is ‘never ask a person to do a job I would not do myself.’ I plan the project with the team, down to the last detail, to give them confidence that we will hit all of our delivery milestones together, safely.

Why Sonica? Energy and a culture of success with a capital ‘S’! The SONICA team love their jobs, they have a drive and energy to get things done right-first-time. That energy starts with the senior management’s passion for excellence, and our commitment to coaching and helping the entire construction team deliver again and again, with pride and to the highest standards.

What I Love Doing I love making connections and have many clients and colleagues I still work with today that go back to the beginning of my career. It is my job, and my goal, to embrace and nurture relationships, to ultimately have repeat-clients and a motivated and energised workforce.

My Job As Design & Technical Services Manager, it is my responsibility to coordinate the general and specialist services for each project. Due to Sonica’s diverse client base, this can range from an office fit-out to Optics laboratories. Each new project brings its own challenge which is what keeps me going.

Why Sonica? Sonica has been built from a solid base, by proven industry professionals. There is a drive in this company that carries you along wanting to deliver more, produce better and never stop expecting more.

What I Love Doing For me it’s the project review, when we get into the detail of the design. Understanding the process flow of multi serviced designs and developing programs to delivery it on time and within budget. Integrating client direct specialist services and ensuring seamless cohesion to produce the clients once notional dream.

My Job My job is to support and lead all creative teams responsible for project design and sustainability and will also cover all design-related areas that support the continued global expansion of SONICA.

Why Sonica? Sonica, for me, is a unique company. They deliver on everything you would expect from Fit Out company and so much more. I am confident that I can add my voice to the delivery methodology that Sonica is known for, but also our new dynamic approach. We are committed to supporting our clients in redesigning and delivering workspaces to the highest standards in a post COVID -19 environment.

What I Love Doing All things Design & Architecture.

My Job A large part of my role is looking after the administrative activities of the company to ensure the smooth running of our office on a daily basis. I also look after the accounts and work closely with our Surveying Team and accountants to ensure our accounts are kept fully up to date.

Why Sonica? By choosing Sonica you know your project is in the right hands, all employees are passionate about the company and show the same drive, motivation and commitment on every project no matter how big or small it is. Sonica has a proven track record and clients come back to us because they know they can entrust their project to us.

What I Love Doing I love being part of a team and Sonica gives me that. Working on the accounts gives me the opportunity to be involved in each project and see how it all comes together.

My Job As Health & Safety manager it is my responsibility to ensure that every person who steps onto a Sonica site is met with a clean and safe environment. I work closely with our Site Managers to ensure a Sonica site is a safe site (for Clients, designers and operatives alike)

Why Sonica? Sonica is a very young and exciting place to work. The high level of enthusiasm that goes into each project is evident across all sites. The site and office team work seamlessly together on delivering these exciting projects.

What I Love Doing I love that i get to work across on a number of different sites. This way I get exposed to a variety of different projects and teams on a daily basis.

My Job As Head of Marketing, I am responsible for communicating all the fantastic work that our international SONICA team does. My job is to help build brand awareness and give you an opportunity to understand more about us, what we do and why our clients choose us.

Why Sonica? SONICA is vibrant, dynamic and we're growing. SONICA wanted to share their story, and for me, that was music to my ears. Marketing is fast paced and you have to be agile and have a team around you that are engaged.That's where SONICA excel. When SONICA asked me to join their team, there really was only one answer.

What I Love Doing I'm a strong believer that it's the simple things that matter. Creating memories and experiences that are long lasting is important to any brand. That's what drives my marketing approach. As a team, SONICA create customer experiences everyday, for clients internationally. I'm lucky to be part of the team that gets to communicate our journey.

My Job As Human Resources Manager, the primary focus of my role surrounds the management and support of employees throughout the company. The role encompasses a variety of key areas of responsibility including; Talent Acquisition, Employee Communication & Engagement, Training & Development, Compensation & Benefits and Performance Management.

Why Sonica? SONICA is an ambitious and progressive company that strives for Uncompromising Excellence. This is evident in the energy and drive of employees across all levels which helps contribute to the continued success of the company. SONICA offers a positive and fun working environment with a strong focus on collaboration and engagement between all employees.

What I Love Doing I love the opportunity to build relationships with people throughout the business and being able to support them in whatever way possible. I enjoy the variation of tasks and challenges that come as part of my role in addition to the opportunity to play a part in key strategic initiatives to help drive the business forward.

My Job As Senior PM, I assume both off and on-site control of large stand alone projects the Company undertakes through our major works division.

Why Sonica? Sonica Fitout has a wealth of knowledge and experience in high-end retail and commercial office fit outs. The Senior Management Team have been involved in the Irish, UK and European fitout industry for the past 16 years and worked on some of the largest, complex and most challenging projects undertaken across those operating regions. Sonica Fitout prides itself with the ability to deliver a project on time and within budget - we continually go the extra mile to assist Clients achieve their goals.

What I Love Doing Working on site with large construction teams to deliver challenging projects within tight time lines.

My Job As General Manager of Preempt, my job is to proactively manage the existing property portfolio under Preempt Real Estate Management, to identify and establish new instructions through both new and existing Client relationships and to develop an effective and sustaining property / facilities management team.

Why Sonica? I have been an admirer of SONICA's ways of working and have observed the growth of SONICA's Preempt Facilities and Property business, since its inception. The strong team of professionals who have consistently delivered best in class solutions are at the top of their game. I really wanted to be part of a dynamic approach to facilities and property management with clients at the heart of everything we do. Preempt offers that approach to clients in spades and I'm delighted to be part of the team.

What I Love Doing I love to develop ideas and share insights on all things workplace related, while cultivating close relationships with our clients. When clients get the most they can from their assets, that's when we really see businesses thrive. I really enjoy being part of that client journey.

My Job As Business Centre Manager, I am responsible for managing the day to day operations at SONICA’s headquarters, First Landings. My job is to ensure that First Landings is running efficiently, and to the highest standards.

Why Sonica? SONICA is an exciting, fast paced and positive place to work and I can surround myself with talented, hardworking people, who all share the same vision.

What I Love Doing We all have a voice and I love developing and supporting ideas, as part of a motivated team. We always encourage each other to succeed.

My Job The things you build matter to the people in your community and it is great for me to be able to say that. After 20 years in the business, every hour is still as diverse as every day. My tasks are personally challenging and match my career goals.

Why Sonica? SONICA works as a team to help the Client achieve a vision of their project and in return there is no better feeling than achieving that vision. I feel that I am working with professionals that I can learn from and that they will push me to take on new and challenging opportunities

What I Love Doing My role includes being the main client interface for all M&E queries, monitor and service multiple projects and be responsible for monitoring and managing the M&E Contractors on site. Overseeing tender input and client presentation, M&E installations, procurement of M&E subcontractors, planning & coordination, ensuring the project is within program and submit overall progress reports to the Building Services Manager.

My Job As Head of Facilities, it is my responsibility to guide our Facilities Division, Preempt. in a direction that makes us as valuable an asset to our customers, as the assets we manage for them are to them. My objective is to keep an ear close to the ground, maintaining good relations in the facilities Industry and always looking to the horizon when it comes to the latest innovation and sustainable initiatives. Our intention is to keep Preempt at the leading edge of Facilities Management for the future.

Why Sonica? SONICA is a homegrown Irish company, built on entrepreneurial drive and an unwillingness to settle for anything but the best. Having a vibrant company culture is not something that can be bought. Companies either have it, or they don't. SONICA has it in spades, and because of that, will continue to attract top talent. I want to work with the best the industry has to offer, and SONICA's sister company Preempt. provides me with an opportunity to do that.

What I Love Doing Having come from a trade background and gradually moving into management, I have a unique perspective on Facilities Management. No matter who I will speak to, be it supply partner or client, I always look at an issue from their perspective. This allows me to provide the solution they need. I don't want to supply clients with solutions that are good enough, because 'good enough' is never enough. I love providing clients with solutions they didn't even realise the needed and now couldn't do without.

My Job As Project Manager, I lead by example, working side by side with our teams delivering all of our projects to the very highest standards for all of our stakeholders. I embrace the Lean Construction methodology, emphasizing maximum value for all our customers with enhanced quality, advanced execution, improved operations and reduced operating costs.

Why Sonica? I joined the SONICA team to be part of a company of choice for all clients and stakeholders. SONICA clients return because they know that we are trustworthy, reliable, and will deliver exceptional results on time, on budget, and to the highest quality. I joined SONICA to be part of that team, to challenge and change, with leanness and agility, to adopt processes and to challenge and change with passion and pace, with mutual commitment as one team.

What I Love Doing I love my job, motivating and organizing others in an efficient and safe manner, dividing tasks and duties equally among all team members, matching each with their competent skills. I love to listen to the ideas of others, to inspire others to work hard and keep everyone focused and create a safe, happy and successful group of people that will work together as a solid team, looking out for each other’s safety and well being with integrity, honesty and sincerity.

My Job As Construction Manager, my role is to maintain quality control procedures, check and verify site reports, meet and supervise subcontractor site staff and to make regular and routine safety inspections to ensure overall construction site safety. l also liaise with Clients and the Professional Team on progress reporting, producing detailed weekly reports through our customised Construction Management applications for issue at the weekly site meetings.

Why Sonica? Treating each project as unique, Sonica develops individual plans to contribute to and meet the tailored requirements of each project and Client. Our experienced Team ensures that our Clients consistently get the highest quality end product.

What I Love Doing Setting high goals at the start of each project, and working hard to motivate the Team around me to achieve them.

My Job It is my responsibility to ensure that the vision of the design team becomes a reality within the given parameters while also ensuring the Client remains involved, engaged and satisfied throughout the entire process.

Why Sonica? One of the fundamental requirements that allows a project manager to operate as demanded of them is a high level of organisation. The infrastructure in place within Sonica to facilitate operations, surveying, Health and Safety and many more, are like none I’ve come across in my career. The fact that they are all great people is just a bonus!

What I Love Doing Understanding and developing relationships with the people I work with daily. Be it trades, design team or Clients, I relish learning how to walk that fine line of getting what it is I need from the interaction while still making their individual experience of the entire process the best it can be.

My Job As a construction manager, my job is to oversee all aspects of the building process, work closely with the design team to develop their plans. Ensuring key milestones are being achieved throughout the project, with project planning of relevant contractors and construction activities and to ensure absolute completion is achieved ahead of our client taken occupancy.

Why Sonica? The expectations and drive I set myself every day are one of the key values instilled in SONICA. As a team, we come to work every day with the same clear purpose, to constantly strive to exceed uncompromising excellence. Every challenge we face, we work together with the same pride in doing it right for our clients and their team.

What I Love Doing I love to bring a design concept to completion, ensuring the highest standard of quality is achieved throughout. The recognition of a quality job is seeing the client's satisfaction as they walk through their new working environment.

My Job As Site Manager, my role orientates around all aspects of the construction site from project planning and H&S to client liaison and quality control. Communication to all parties is vital.

Why Sonica? What has impressed me most about Sonica is the structured approach they take to run all their projects. They have a simple five step process which is custom built to every one of our clients. This project organisation is a pivotal reason why our clients keep coming back to us

What I Love Doing I love seeing how all the different trades in construction work alongside each other and help to bring the architects drawing from concept to reality.

My Job As Site Manager, my role is to over see the day to day progress on site. From Health and Safety to coordinating site walks with the Design Team.

Why Sonica? With their track record in commercial fit out, it was a 'no brainer' for me to join this highly skilled and qualified team at SONICA.

What I Love Doing I love overseeing a project, from pre-construction, right through to hand over. It is a great sense of accomplishment when a satisfied client moves into their new office space.

My Job As Site Manager, it is my responsibility to oversee the day-to-day running of the site, working closely with the SONICA team and external contractors. As part of my role, I ensure work is done safely and meets the high standards set by SONICA.

Why Sonica? SONICA is vibrant, progressive and extremely good at what they do. The team are full of passion and commitment and deliver a superior service. SONICA always strive to go above and beyond.

What I Love Doing The diversity and varying scope of my role brings a new challenge every day and I am continuously learning. I particularly enjoy the planning, communication and collaboration within the team, clients and contractors. Seeing the final finished project and knowing that the clients are more than satisfied with the end result is what i love about my job.

My Job As a Site Manager, my role is to oversee and coordinate all aspects of the day-to-day activities on site. Through working closely alongside subcontractors, health & safety teams, architects and clients, it is my responsibility to ensure that the project is completed on time and to a high standard that is expected from SONICA.

Why Sonica? SONICA is a leader in delivering high-end commercial and retail construction projects, with a commitment to provide the highest standard of finishes for the client. With a proven track-record of completing major projects, SONICA is a team that will go above and beyond for our clients.

What I Love Doing I love being on site from the start of a project and being able to see the project develop and take shape day-in day-out, right through to the finishing stages of handover. Being able to see the hard work that everybody has put in to get a job over the line at the end is such a rewarding feeling of accomplishment from the team.

My Job As a Site Manager, I oversee the day to day running of the site. This includes all aspects; dealing with the Clients, Architects and Sub-contractors and other aspects such as site Health and Safety. It is my key responsibility that the job is finished on time and to the high-quality finish that Sonica is recognised for.

Why Sonica? We always strive to go above and beyond the requirements and needs of the client. Working at a fast pace and in a professional manner, we do everything we can in order to get the project completed on time and to a high-quality finish.

What I Love Doing I love seeing the project go from the design concept stage through to the finished product. By working together with the team, it provides me with great satisfaction to deliver a high-quality project within the given timeline.

My Job As Site Manager, I oversee the day to day operations on Site. I spend most of my time working with sub-contractors to ensure work is done safely, accurate and on time.

Why Sonica? I chose SONICA because of the positive working environment, I wanted to be part of a team that is committed to delivering high quality projects on time.

What I Love Doing I love overseeing a project, from pre-construction, right through to hand over. It is a great sense of accomplishment when a satisfied client moves into their new office space.

My Job As Site Manager, I am responsible for the day to day running of the site, keeping clear and constant communication with architects, clients and senior management, managing sub contractors, maintaining a safe and productive site and ensuring that all projects are delivered to the highest standard set by SONICA and expected by our clients.

Why Sonica? I chose SONICA because of the close team environment, the opportunity to work on truly unique projects, high quality of work, encouragement to learn, excel and grow in our roles within the company and the passion and excitement that SONICA is recognised for.

What I Love Doing I love taking a project from day one right through to completion, working closely with sub contractors and design teams, building great relationships with all involved and delivering projects to a client that everyone can look back on and be proud of. The satisfaction you get from seeing a project transform from a blank canvas to exceeding the client's vision is truly rewarding.

My Job As Technical Services coordinator, I look after the installation of the Mechanical and Electrical services ensuring it is installed to the standards required. I ensure the installation happens with minimal delays from a M&E perspective.

Why Sonica? I love SONICA as a brand, their attention to detail with their installations is second to none and in house design teams creative imagination. Seeing the clients expression on their face when they see the completed project, makes it all worth while.

What I Love Doing I love working in a team that enjoys delivering on time projects within budget and finishing them to the high standards SONICA requires for all projects.

My Job As Technical Services Coordinator, it is my responsibility to coordinate the general and specialist services for each project. This includes working closely with the sub-contractors on site, as well as liaising directly with the client, to ensure works are carried out to the highest possible standards, in line with the clients expectations.

Why Sonica? SONICA is a fast-paced and dynamic company, with a keen eye for detail. They have a reputation for delivering high quality projects on time, which was something I wanted to be a part of.

What I Love Doing I love getting involved in all stages of the project, from design development to client handover. There is a great sense of accomplishment when we deliver a project which the client loves, on time and in budget.

My Job I’m responsible for managing all components of a SONICA project related to the mechanical, electrical, plumbing (or MEP) along with AV, Data and Security elements of a project, combining a wide technical knowledge of these fields with the management skills necessary to coordinate the work of a number of different trades and disciplines.

Why Sonica? SONICA is a relatively new company and has achieved great success. Not only do we provide an amazing workplace for our clients, but we lead the way in cutting edge design and technology which is showcased through our flagship First Landings location. This approach of leading by example is key to why I chose SONICA

What I Love Doing I love networking and Interacting with Clients, Designers, and Installation teams to provide clear communication lines and quality work. Watching a project progress from a construction site to the finished product is very satisfying.

My Job As Project Quantity Surveyor, it is my role to ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget by being actively involved in the project from inception to completion. I will report to you the Client throughout the project lifecycle ensuring that you are fully informed on all commercial matters.

Why Sonica? Sonica are a market leading Company and through them the Client is ensured a high level of detail throughout the project lifecycle ensuring a professional service to meet the requirements of each Client and project.

What I Love Doing I enjoy being part of a project from inception to completion, bringing just an idea to the final finished product. I particularly enjoy the challenge of delivering the final finished product wanted by the client within budget while also maintaining a high level of finish expected and seeing the final project come together into a busy working area.

My Job I am in the fortunate enough position to make sure you as the client will get the subcontractors that share the same values as Sonica by appointing the best fit for your project and budget leveraged from our existing market relationships. I will set your mind at ease by updating you on the project and progress by sharing detailed monthly valuations and other commercial matters.

Why Sonica? Sonica is small enough to care but big enough to ensure the project always gets done. With that said, you as a client will enjoy the personal touch while receiving it in the highest professional manner.

What I Love Doing The opportunity to grow with Sonica and the great people part of the team is of paramount for my decision to have joined. The Sonica team has taught me when you expect more, you are driven to provide more. Sonica has the belief, vision and values I as a young professional value therefore to share them makes it easy to fit in part of this dynamic team.

My Job I am responsible for developing initial budgets for Clients, tendering on projects and managing Clients expectations through the complete project life cycle. It is my role to procure works packages, engage sub-contractors and ensure that they are delivering what they have offered to Sonica. I am also a key part of the Project Delivery Team ensuring that projects are delivered on time and within budget.

Why Sonica? I am excited by the strong and vibrant team I have become a part of. Sonica are a progressive company with an excellent management structure and a proven track record of delivering high-end fitouts. Through delivering on what Sonica promise all the times, Clients keep repeating their business with us.

What I Love Doing I love being a Quantity Surveyor within the fitout industry as it is fast paced, no two days are ever the same which makes it interesting and seldom boring. I love the day-to-day aspects of my role, developing and maintaining relationships with Clients, Subcontractors and Sonica's project team. I enjoy seeing a project go from a 2D set of plans to a vibrant workspace within a matter of weeks, delivered by a hardworking team which I am proud to be a part of.

My Job As a Quantity Surveyor, I build a budget according to your project, I then manage this budget giving you as a client detailed updates through the valuations and ensure that the projects are getting the best cost from subcontractors

Why Sonica? Sonica is a modern company with a dynamic team, a lot of experience and a focus in excellence. With countless successful projects you as a client can be sure that the team will be determined to deliver the best project according to the budget.

What I Love Doing Working with fitout projects is always different, the programme is short and we have to adapt to the particularities of each job. With the team here at Sonica, I can work through and develop the best of each project. It is a pleasure to be a part of this team.

My Job I love being involved with a project from start to completion, watching a project go from an idea to a dream come true. On every project, I know that I will be working with top level professionals. SONICA provides me with opportunities to develop and become a more skilled professional.

Why Sonica? SONICA is a company growing and evolving from job to job. Uncompromising Excellence is the only result when working with SONICA. SONICA produces high end projects from all sizes from small scale to large scale. Clients know they are in the best hands when working with SONICA.

What I Love Doing My role is to establish the budget for a project and ensure that the project is completed on time and within the original set budget. I am involved at every stage of the project life cycle, from start to finish. I work with the client to make sure they are happy with the quality and progress of the project on a regular basis. I engage with sub-contractors to ensure everybody is performing at the top level to deliver top results.

My Job I love being part of motivated and talented construction team that all work in collaboration to deliver successful projects for the client.

Why Sonica? SONICA is a progressive and growing company with a proven track record of delivering high-end fit outs. They operate to the highest of standards within the industry with client satisfaction a number one priority.

What I Love Doing I am responsible for initial project tendering, value engineering, contractual aspects and cost control. It is my role to ensure the project is built on time, within specification and on budget for the client.

My Job As an Interior Architect, I get great satisfaction in creating inspirational interiors and planning spaces that not only look good, but are functional and improve well being and ways of working. I believe in a holistic approach to Interior Design, with the user at the heart of the design. I always look to create an original and innovative space for the people and their needs.

Why Sonica? SONICA's approach is rooted in a progressive way of working, listening carefully to client's needs, engaging them in a collaborative way and achieving design solutions reflective of their aspirations. They're a great team with vast experience, working collaboratively, supporting each other to improve the way we work and deliver high-quality projects.

What I Love Doing I take great pride in my work and I aspire to achieve the best results, no matter how big or small the project may be. The environments in which we work and live in have a major influence on how we experience the world and move through it. I love to see a completed project and the positive impact that the design has on peoples lives.

My Job As Architectural Technician, I am thoroughly involved in the design process of every project. It is part of my role to work alongside the design team, proposing creative and functional solutions to make sure all the client's expectations are achieved.

Why Sonica? Sonica is an emerging fitout company recognised by completing high-end projects on-time and on-budget. Here, you will find a great team with vast experience that is always supporting each other to improve our work, which always leads to high-quality projects.

What I Love Doing One of the things I enjoy the most about my job is seeing the evolution of every project, from ideas on paper to its final form. I love the fact that every client has a different requirement, and this encourages me to always be on the hunt for new design solutions.

My Job As Architectural Technician, I am lucky to get to work on projects of a high calibre and collaborate closely with the great members of the design team. I strive to always provide both an aesthetically pleasing and functional design proposal, whilst keeping in mind the needs of the clients.

Why Sonica? Sonica is an exciting and welcoming place to work with a strong work ethic. It welcomes challenging and innovative projects for demanding clients. These elements make Sonica a great place to work.

What I Love Doing I love to understand the space and try to find the right solution considering the balance between functionality and aesthetics. I enjoy finding creative solutions through a different combination of colour and material. Learning never ends at Sonica.

My Job As IT Lead, it is my responsibility to oversee the day-to-day running of IT in SONICA, working closely with all our teams to ensure their systems are always available and fit for purpose.

Why Sonica? SONICA has a positive working environment which is fast moving and vibrant. It is great being part of a team that is committed to delivering high quality projects on time.

What I Love Doing I enjoy working with all the teams within SONICA, providing IT support and assistance, to allow them successfully complete their projects

My Job I am responsible for the pre-qualification, tender and post-tender documents that SONICA present to clients to secure projects. My part in this can be compared to putting a jigsaw puzzle together. Each piece that I put into the document, represents parts of the bigger picture that shows the client how we plan to make their vision a reality.

Why Sonica? I am extremely lucky to be part of a team where every member is seen as an equal and given the space to constantly grow, both personally and professionally. This enables us, as a team, to support and encourage each other to do better, work harder and still enjoy every step of the way.

What I Love Doing Since I started working at SONICA, no two days have been the same. This is equally exciting and challenging, it keeps me grounded and makes me continuously appreciate the welcoming working environment, where no one stands back when you need help.

My Job Working as Assistant PM, my role involves constant communication between our contractors, design team and site team. With an emphasis on quality/document control and planning, I work on producing submittals, RFI's and coordinating samples to be shown to the design team.

Why Sonica? There is an exciting buzz around SONICA that made this an easy choice. Working to exceptional standards, it is great to be a part of a team that takes such pride in their work.

What I Love Doing Reaching milestones within a project. It is a great feeling when you take a step back and see the progression of a project, the culmination of all the long hours and hard work that has produced something the client loves.

My Job As Logistics Manager, it is my responsibility to organise and coordinate Sonica construction site spaces to the highest level in the industry.

Why Sonica? The dedication Sonica has to delivering the very best ,every time, is unrivaled. Sonica's drive is demonstrated by their constant ask of themselves, 'how can we do better?' This ensures Sonica are continuously evolving and growing together and as a company.

What I Love Doing I enjoy seeing progress, be it in project delivery or the development of a professional relationship. To establish trust with our client or a colleague is, at its core, the most rewarding aspect of my job.

My Job

Why Sonica?

What I Love Doing

My Job As a Health & Safety Officer, it is my responsibility to use the knowledge and skills that I have gained to be proactive and support the prevention of accidents and injuries in the workplace. My Job is ensuring that all staff maintain a safe and secure environment to work in.

Why Sonica? SONICA is a well established company with very strong leadership. The company delivers world class projects with first class finishes, as time goes on it develops more and more as a leader in construction.

What I Love Doing There is great satisfaction in doing your part to make sure the workforce goes home safely to their families, everyday. Working to protect each other and those we work with is the reason why we do what we do and is rewarding in itself. The role of the safety officer can sometimes be overlooked, but I enjoy engaging with teams to show them how taking a safe approach to what they do will benefit them in the long term.

My Job As a Health & Safety officer it is my responsibility to ensure that the health and safety standards across SONICA sites are exceeded. Working with management and site staff is an important aspect in maintaining a safe working environment. I also observe site documentation and report site safety performances to ensure the safety of all personnel.

Why Sonica? As I have previously completed my college experience with SONICA, I understood the degree of knowledge and experience SONICA has. Therefore, I was happy to return as a full time employee and work closely with the strong team of professionals to deliver exciting new projects safely, in a growing company. The engagement and relationship with our Clients in relation to safety demonstrates the expertise of the team and highlights the level of care and focus that goes into each of our projects.

What I Love Doing I love that I am involved in supporting in driving the safety focus of each person that enters a SONICA site. Working across many different sites and projects also allows me to engage and build a relationship with different team members and clients.

My Job As Team Leader, I am the welcoming face of First Landings, creating a first impression for our clients and teams. I provide a seamless support to all their administrative needs, with efficiency and ease.

Why Sonica? SONICA is a company that continues to grow, with a team that delivers uncompromising excellence in all aspects of its development. To be a part a positive team is exciting. SONICA attracts clients who want their projects developed and delivered with the highest degree of professionalism from a skilled team, of which I am proud to be a part of.

What I Love Doing I love my role as Team Leader and meeting and greeting our visitors means that every day is different In SONICA. I always look forward to my daily interactions with all the teams and supporting them wherever they may need it.

My Job On a day to day basis, I focus mainly on the administrative side of accounts, making sure that supplies are ordered for sites, looking after invoices and statements, and liaising with our suppliers to ensure all accounts are kept up to date.

Why Sonica? Sonica is an energetic and fast moving company where the sky is the limit, and I think this is evident in the services they provide.

What I Love Doing The part of my job I love the most is working alongside my colleagues and lots of other departments as this gives great insight into projects from start to finish. From the driver delivering supplies, to the surveyors on site everyday, it's great to feel like part of one big team.

My Job

Why Sonica?

What I Love Doing

My Job

Why Sonica?

What I Love Doing

My Job

Why Sonica?

What I Love Doing

My Job My role is to instruct workers to work efficiently, reliably and most importantly safely. As the work is assigned it's my responsibility to oversee the work is completed on schedule and to a high standard. As a labour foreman, I am also responsible for ensuring the day to day tasks on site are complete.

Why Sonica? Having previously worked under SONICA as a subcontractor, I knew of their dedication and strive for nothing less than the best. SONICA as a construction company are in a league of their own .

What I Love Doing I love seeing a project go from a bare shell to a high quality finished office, with each challenge being overcome to achieve the best finish possible .